Shingled Roofs by MacKenzie Roofing of Courtenay and Surrounding Areas

Many people prefer the look and quality of shingled roofs. We are the only red seal ticketed shingle roofers in the area and we offer a 10 year warranty for all our workmanship plus a manufacturer warranty, so you can expect quality work from us. There are a wide variety of types of shingles that we can use for houses:

Fibreglass Shingles

Fibreglass shingles look the same as asphalt or organic shingles and are installed the same way. The difference is that organic shingles are built upon a felt base whereas fibreglass are built with a mixture of glass fibres. This is an important difference because fibreglass shingles can endure higher temperatures better than organic shingles. Tolerance to higher temperatures means less curling and damage and longer lasting shingles.

Metal Valleys

In order to make your roof last even longer, we use metal valleys and flashing. These are metal parts that protect the vulnerable parts of your roof, like the “valley” or edges of different roof faces. The metal valleys and flashing will be laid over the shingles to add to your roof’s life expectancy.

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic shingles are made from a variety of materials including rubber, plastic and polymer. They can emulate the look of slate and shake roofs without the hassle and upkeep. Synthetic shingles are a more environmentally friendly option to slate and shake because they are made from renewable resources. Additionally, they are incredibly long lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Have your roof shingled by a red seal ticketed roofer, and find out more about our lifetime roofing warranties options by giving us a call.

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